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Poster: Nonima Date: May 2, 2010 9:16pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: [S27-044] The Icarus Wings - Digital Alkemy

(Glitch, Abstract, Industrial)

Debut release for this brilliant new side project of Paolo Ippolito (The Oxy_Gens), Digital Alkemy is 10 tracks of very loud glitched up beats and fractured melodies, this album oozes liquid metal through your speakers and takes your brain on a very dark trip. Strap in, play at high volume and hold on tight... you will thank him for it.


01 - The Fragile Wing
02 - Digital Alkemist
03 - Strange Melodie
04 - Reverses Echoes
05 - Brain Scope
06 - Broken Interlude
07 - Stop To High Frequency Since '06
08 - Gubbio Town
09 - The Dissonance Of A Decline
10 - The Door Of Two Exit

Thanks! x